Hockey Photos 2019-2020

Hockey Photos 2019-2020


Photo Day tomorrow -> Sat., January 25th, 2020 for all Remaining Teams

Happy New Year Everyone!! Please note that Stacey Birmingham will be photographing the kids for hockey pictures this year for all GMHA/SSMHA combined teams, as well as Squirt, Novice and Midget for GMHA only. 

The first photo day for this season will be this Sunday, January 5th, 2020. 

Session #1 will be for all teams with scheduled icetime slots in Goulds that day from 8am-2pm. All other teams will be scheduled during future sessions which are all planned to occur over the next few weeks.


Please don't hesitate to ask Stacey or a member of the executive to get clarification on any issue you may have questions on.


Please see the following message and instructions from Stacey regarding this years photos.


Hi everyone,

I am so excited to be providing you with your hockey photos this year.  I am pleased to offer your images as digital download this year!  

Please read thoroughly before ordering:

I use one pose and I pick the one with the best smile.  All orders are submitted through the online link that is below that you will fill out and pre pay.  All orders have to be placed and prepaid on within the time frame that I provide.  Once I get the images edited I release the images for download and any proofing for trading cards.  The proofing will be for the trading cards for errors.  All images will be released for proofing at the one time. Only orders that have been submitted will have a proofing released.  If you are uncomfortable placing an order without seeing your proof first you can contact me directly.  If you do place an order at the deadline date your order will not be ready at the same time as the other orders.

Please have your ordered submitted by January 12th.  

NOTE: Female U9 should use “U12” when completing online order forms as “U9” is not currently an option. This field is only for Stacey’s internal filing purposes and will not impact final product.

Here are the steps to ordering:

Step 1:
Fill out all information required.  If you are ordering Trading Cards fill out the information for the trading cards.  This information is copied and pasted to the template so make sure all spelling and info is correct.  Once you submit the form it will direct you to the second link for packages and payment.

Step 2:
Select the digital download option

Step 3:
If you would like trading cards please select this option

Step 4:
Payment must be submitted the same time as you complete the online form.  

Payment is available in the form of paypal.  This allows the usage of your bank or credit card. You need to complete both sections of the online form to complete your order.  The first part is the online form with all of the Players information and the second part is the payment.  This is where you select your package that you would like and the payment.  I cannot complete your order unless the second part is complete.  If you have completed the online form and not the payment option I have no idea what package you would like. If you have placed your online form and have not completed the second part then your order is not placed.

Here is the link to place your order:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at hockey@staceybirminghamphotography.ca or 709-763-5697.

Thanks so much!

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