SSMHA/GMHA Spectator Policy - Ken Williams Southern Shore Arena Effective April 10, 2021

Important update regarding spectator limits based on HNL, SportNL and the Department of Public Health.

Arenas must follow the Special Measures Order which states that, “With the exception of 1 person per child as required, to assist the child in preparing to participate in a group activity, spectators are not permitted”.

Public Health has provided further clarification: “Arenas are permitted to have up to 50 people per ice surface, as well as (i.e. in addition to this 50) 1 person per child as required to assist the child in preparing to participate in a group activity. This parent/guardian may sit in the viewing area/bleachers during the session (wearing a mask), but apart from this, no other spectators are permitted.”

SSMHA and GMHA supports the stance of the Department of Public Health.

The need for assistance, and support for volunteers, would be expected at the younger age divisions as determined by the respective Minor Hockey Association and/or Arena Management.

We have determined that for U7, U9, U11 & U12 divisions, because of the age of the player, one parent/guardian/spectator per player can be present in the arena for the duration of the session. While these divisions can have a parent/guardian/spectator present for a session, it is encouraged that if a parent/guardian is not needed to assist the player, they should refrain from entering the arena.

For U13, U15 & U18 divisions, no parent/guardian/spectators are allowed in the arena.

Please keep in mind, the safety of all of our members and volunteers is of paramount importance. We remind everyone to adhere to Public Safety Guidelines, wear a mask, wash your hands, and maintain physical distancing.

It is important to recognize that this ruling is the decision of the Department of Public Health. Any violation of Public Health regulations shall be referred to the Department of Public Health.

SSMHA and GMHA will abide by all regulations from the Department of Public Health and adapt should they be changed.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

[2021-04-12 09:35:05]