SSMHA & GMHA Executives


Mark Sullivan

President - Southern Shore


Grant Walsh

President - Goulds



Jeremy Boland

Vice President - Southern Shore



Darryl Chubbs

Vice President - Goulds



Jennifer Murphy




Susan Stamp

Treasurer - Southern Shore



Dave Grace

Treasurer - Goulds



Crystal Greene

Secretary - Southern Shore


Michelle Guest

Secretary - Goulds



Wendy O'Rielly

Registrar - Southern Shore


Angela Pitcher

Registrar - Goulds



Darryl Guiney

Director - Female Hockey - Southern Shore


Robbie Morrell

Director - Female Hockey - Goulds


Tracy Coady

Past President - Southern Shore


Lesley Newell

Past President - Goulds


Gary Williams

Director - All-Star League - Southern Shore


Kent Munn

Director - All-Star League - Goulds



Lori Dalton

Director- House League - Southern Shore


Jacqueline Glynn

 Director- House League - Goulds    

Corey Ronayne

Director - Initiation/Novice - Southern Shore


Janelle Keough

Director-Special Events/Communications - SS






  Mike Lee Technical Director - Southern Shore
  Natalie Keeping Technical Director - Goulds
  Roy Baggs Referee in Chief - Southern Shore
  Colin Heffernan Referee in Chief - Goulds
  Sadie-Lynn Newell Time Keeper in Chief - Goulds
  Shane Skinner Technical Director of Goaltender Training
  Mike O'Brien Technical Director of Goaltender Training
  Dwayne Kelly Administrator