Camp, Tryout, & U7/U9 Info

Camp, Tryout, & U7/U9 Info

We are hoping to get the green light to start our Preseason Sweat Camps tomorrow evening for our U9/U11 Girls (5:30 pm) and U11 Minor groups (6:30 & 7:30 pm) at the Ken Williams Southern Shore Arena. We will officially announce a go/no-go as soon as we can (hopefully this evening or early tomorrow morning). The updated groups and schedule for the Preseason sweat camps will be posted to the site under “League Info” as soon as we are confident in ice readiness.

The priority is to get our U11 kids pushed through the camps and into tryouts early next week, as our U11 All-Star team may have a Tournament in Paradise on October 7th. We want the team picked and practicing for that asap. Please stay tuned for a tryout schedule for that group and all other groups.

SSMHA Parents Only: We are looking at starting our U7 and U9 programming this Saturday - a week earlier than originally planned. The groups and schedule for that are also being worked and times may be a little different than what you are used to for the opening weekend. Please stay tuned.

It is a busy month, and we are working hard to get all of the preseason sweat camps, Allstar tryouts, ID skates for IHL, and other programming scheduled as soon as we can.  Looking forward to seeing everyone back in the rink!